Career Quiz

Let's face it, careers in the beauty industry are glamorous, fun and where you can find your passion. It's important to make sure this career is right for you. Take the quiz below to see your compatibility.






1-19: You may be best suited for the corporate world. You prefer calm work environments, direct supervision and a steady income. There are many industries that would make a GREAT fit for you, but a career in the professional beauty industry may not be one of them!

20-39: You may be passionate, but we need to discuss your expectations to see if this career is a perfect fit for you.

40-50: Yes! A career in the beauty industry could be the right fit for you! You don’t want to be tied down by a PREDICTABLE work day! You crave variety and the ability to express your creativity. You are hardworking and know that the more effort you put in- the more money you will be able to earn!

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